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As a certified coach I help people who would like to transform their lives. I work with college age and older adults (18+).

In addition to helping you meet immediate goals, my coaching leads to significant self-acceptance and understanding — and enables you to leverage past experiences to your benefit.


  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Asperger's Syndrome
  • Increasing motivation
  • Goal setting and achievement
  • Time management and organization
  • Anxiety
  • Social skills
  • Mentoring
  • Absent father


See the About page for my background, qualifications,
and why coaching is important to me.


My coaching style is practical and effective.
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"You have been a massive help to me, and you put me back on the right track which I am forever grateful for."

John English, San Jose, California

"We are so appreciative that you were willing to work with our son. It seems that it was just the right thing at the right time for him. Thank you again for your being such a great encourager. He speaks highly of you and knows that he did benefit greatly by working with you."

Roberta Ingersoll, Boise, Idaho

"Jeremy has a unique kindness in his presence. From day one, I was able to openly and freely discuss any topic in great detail. My time with Jeremy has left me feeling more confident in areas I previously felt were lacking."

Marjorie Simmons, Portland, Oregon

"Coaching with Jeremy has really helped me organize how I think about my life and my day-to-day tasks. I finally feel like I am on the right track and it is both calming and encouraging."

William Taylor, Raleigh, North Carolina

"I'm very pleased with your coaching for my son. He seems to genuinely enjoy your sessions and he's working on his calendar this week using your suggestions."

Don Imlay, Rhode Island

"Your coaching has helped me more than the all of the psychotherapy I have tried in the past. Thank you!"

Kendall Cooper, Portland, Oregon

"I always appreciate hearing from you. My son would like to continue. I’m in total support of this, and am thankful for your expertise and compassion."

Tina Davies, Carson, California

"Thank you for your time, Jeremy. I feel great about moving forward with you and deeply grateful for your willingness to work with me."

Bob Doherty, San Jose, California

"When I was first introduced to Jeremy, it was in the midst of a crazy pandemic and I was in an uncertain and admittedly dark place. With Jeremy’s guidance, I came to discover what goals I wanted to set for myself and created realistic steps to reach those goals. I felt empowered to confidently move forward and I began to look toward the future with more optimism and confidence."

Arnold Nelson, Richmond, Virginia

"Working with Jeremy gave me a great combination of ways to think about big questions like defining my purpose and identifying what I really value in my life, but also small, concrete, actionable steps to take in working towards those goals. Working with Jeremy also provided excellent tools for dealing with interpersonal and relationship struggles; he doesn’t give you the answer but can help coach you into approaching things from a different angle that you may not have considered before."

Elena Louder, Tucson, Arizona

"I started working with Jeremy after I became certified as a Youth Life and Mentor Coach. I needed help organizing my business and setting goals. Jeremy was excellent at asking the right questions to get me thinking about how to prioritize my activities so I didn't get bogged down with mundane tasks. Further, he has life experience and the wisdom to get his clients thinking about why they make the choices they make. If you are looking to get unstuck and learn how to find the answers within yourself I highly recommend working with Jeremy."

Suzy Martinek, Denver, Colorado

"My daughter would like to continue working with you, which gives us a good feeling that it is time and money well spent."

Derek Jackson, Utica, New York

"Jeremy's coaching skill and style really elicits the heart of my issues and brings me to practical ideas for growth, improvement, or reframing. These ideas/insights come from within me, but Jeremy's coaching brings them out, helping me articulate what I could not recognize or express. The process is positive, revealing, and just plain helpful! Thanks, Jeremy."

Virginia Young, Portland, Oregon

"When I started working with Jeremy I had several areas that I wanted to improve in and set goals for myself, but always pushed things off for another time. Jeremy's coaching enabled me to both come up with and take actionable steps towards meeting those goals; Jeremy asks questions that let you figure out for yourself what to do, and that also make you think about things in helpful ways. Each session was insightful, encouraging, and motivating."

Cathy Tremont, San Francisco, California

"I really can’t express my gratitude for your coaching and perspectives on life. Thank you so much!"

Daniel Kinton, Auburn, California

"Jeremy’s coaching has been life-changing for me. By working with him, I have emerged healthier, happier and with a clearer vision of the future. His impact on my life has been profound; and I am deeply grateful!"

Selena Thurman, Austin, Texas

"I’m sure you’ve talked to my dad recently. He is energized! Thanks for helping him navigate his journey"

George Lund, Mojave, California